Initial Consultation fee--$20

I usually charge a flat fee for all of my cases. This way, my clients know how much they are going to spend on their case, because nobody wants to hire a lawyer unless they know how much that lawyer is going to charge them. I always tell all of my clients what I charge before I start work on their case. Sometimes, a case becomes very complicated and I realize after we have started the case that it's going to take a lot more work than I thought. In those situations, I do sometimes have to charge more for the unexpected additional work. However, I can usually tell from the beginning of a case if it's going to be complicated or not, so about 95% of the time I never charge more than the flat fee I quoted at the beginning of the case.

DACA Renewal

If you already have DACA and just want to renew your 2 year work permit, I will accept your case even if I didn’t do your first DACA application.

Attorney fees for renewal: $450
USCIS filing fees: $495
Total: $945

I-601A Waiver

Also known as a provisional unlawful presence waiver , this waiver is for people that entered the United States illegally without a visa that are now married to a US citizen. People that entered illegally into the United States don’t qualify for adjustment of status so they have to apply for this waiver. Not all of these waivers get granted by the USCIS because it requires the applicant to show how much hardship the US citizen spouse will suffer if the waiver is denied. My success rate on this kind of application is about 95%, so if you apply for this waiver there is the possibility that the case will get denied, but it’s much more likely to be approved so I will almost always recommend applying for it.

Attorney fees: $4,465
USCIS filing fees: $1,535
Total: $6,000

Consular Processing

This is the method for a US citizen to bring a spouse, child, parent or sibling to the United States that is in another country and doesn’t have a visa to be able to enter the United States. This application is only for applicants who have not been illegally in the United States for the past 10 years.

Attorney fees: $1,935
USCIS filing fees: $865
Total: $2,800

Naturalization (Form N-400)

This is the application for a permanent resident to apply to become a US citizen.

Attorney fees: $1,200 (Price includes me going with the applicant to their interview with USCIS in San Antonio)
USCIS filing fees: $725
Total: $1,925

Renewal of Permanent Resident Card (Form I-90)

This is the application for a 10 year permanent resident to extend their card.

Attorney fees: $100
USCIS filing fees: $540
Total: $640

Removal of Conditions on Permanent Resident Card

Also known as the I-751, this is the application to extend the 2 year permanent resident card for an applicant married to a
US citizen.

Attorney fees: $1,000
USCIS filing fees: $680
Total: $1,680

In case of an interview in San Antonio, I do charge an extra $500, but applicants rarely get interviews for this kind of case.

Temporary Protected Status (Form I-821)

This is the renewal of the work permit for applicants from Honduras, El Salvador, and various other countries that cannot accept its citizens back due to war or natural disaster.

Attorney fees: $350
USCIS filing fees: $495
Total: $845

U Visa

This visa is for people that were victims of a violent crime that occurred in the United States, such as domestic violence. This visa is only for applicants who reported the crime to the police and who cooperated with the police to prosecute the criminals responsible for committing the crime. Applicants for this visa will qualify if they entered the United States with or without a visa.

Attorney fees: $1,400
USCIS filing fees: Usually $0
Total: $1,400

Work Permit Extensions (Form I-765)

Applicants sometimes have to extend their work permits because their permanent residence applications haven’t been approved yet and they need to extend their work authorization until their permanent residence is granted.

Attorney fees: $200
USCIS filing fees: $380
Total: $580

I do many other types of cases, but these are the most common kind of case that I work on. If you have a case that is not described above, please give me a call or email and describe your case to me and I will give you a price quote over the phone or by email.