April 2018 DACA Update

The DACA program has been reinstated nationwide for an indefinite period. Anyone can renew their DACA status regardless of when their DACA was granted.  You no longer have to wait until 5 or less months remain on your work permit. I’m willing to renew the DACA cases for anyone regardless of when they expire, but USCIS has actually been renewing DACA applications pretty fast, so I recommend renewing your DACA with about 6-7 months left on your permit.

The Trump administration has appealed the ruling of the two federal courts, but there are probably 2 levels of appeals that must occur for the decision to become final, so I expect that everyone will be able to renew their DACA at least through the end of 2018 and likely longer. That’s good news, but the chances of getting the DREAM Act passed through Congress continue to get defeated.

The Democrats are clearly very interested in passing the DREAM Act by itself, but Trump and the Republicans continue to prevent a clean DREAM Act from passing Congress. I do not believe that the DREAM Act will pass under this Congress, but if Democrats can take the House and Senate in the elections in November 2018, there will be a very good chance of real immigration reform in 2019.

Those of you out there that believe the DREAM Act is valuable, please find the time to vote Democratic in November of 2018 no matter where you live. The general public is in favor of the DREAM Act by 86%, but the will of the American public is being ignored by the Republicans in Congress. I believe it is very important to get the DREAM Act passed before the Supreme Court takes up the case of DACA because I have no idea what they will decide once they get the case.

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