December 2020 DACA Update

The USCIS started taking new DACA applications on December 7, 2020, and they reinstated the original rules of DACA. I am ready to help anyone that never applied for DACA before to apply now. Here are the qualifications:

  1. You must be in high school now, or studying to get a GED, or already have your high school diploma or GED.
  2. You have a photo ID like a driver’s license, passport, or matricula card.
  3. You have your birth certificate.
  4. You arrived in the USA before June 15, 2007 and can prove it through grades/documents.
  5. You can prove your presence in the USA all the way from June 15, 2007 until now.
  6. You were born after June 15, 1981.

If you meet all those requirements, I encourage you to apply now. Biden will probably provide a pathway to citizenship for DACA members when he takes over in January 2021, so I would apply as soon as possible to qualify for the law that Biden hopes to pass next year.

Contact us today or call 512-912-7771 if you want to apply.

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