What You Need To Know About The DACA Program And The DREAM Act

As most of you already know, President Trump rescinded the DACA program 2 days ago, on Tuesday, September 5th. The DACA Program has been such a successful and popular program that to have it rescinded left me, and many of you out there, very sad. However, there is still something you can do to help: support the DREAM Act

I’ll share with you the details of the DACA Program repeal –people who have DACA and valid work permits now can keep those work permits, they will continue to be valid until they expire. Anyone who is eligible to extend their status between now and October 5, 2017 can do so. So, anyone whose work permits are going to expire on March 5, 2018 or earlier can and should renew their work permits now.

If your work permit expires on March 6, 2017 or later, I don’t believe you will be allowed to renew your work permit. I don’t believe anyone who is part of the DACA program will be targeted for deportation after their work permits expire because DACA holders are way down the list of priorities for the federal government to deport. However, if anyone with DACA is arrested for a crime after their work permits expire, they could become a priority for deportation, so please stay out of trouble.

The President’s decision is very frustrating because he himself has said he has a lot of compassion toward immigrants, particularly DREAMers, but his actions have spoken much more loudly than his words here.

I’m very upset about this decision because it is totally not what the United States stands for and it’s not what the American public wants. Most polls show that 2/3 of Americans are in favor of the DREAM Act and letting DREAMers become permanent residents.

This is how we can make change happen. I strongly encourage everyone who can, to contact their congressmen and senators and tell them you support passage of the DREAM Act.

Congress is supposed to reflect the will of the people, so if all 2/3 of the public lets their elected officials know they want the DREAM Act to be passed, it will be passed. There are plenty of political games being played in Washington, and from day-to-day there will be new rumors and stories about the future of DACA, but public support for something will always override partisan politics. So, to get involved, please do the following:

Contact Texas senator Ted Cruz to tell him you want him to pass the DREAM Act without conditions

Contact Texas senator John Cornyn to tell him you want him to pass the DREAM Act without conditions

Ted Cruz and John Cornyn both represent all the people of Texas. Each US representative in Congress covers a small district. To find out who your Congressional representative in Congress is, go to this site and then contact that Congressman and ask him to pass the DREAM Act without conditions:

The only way the DREAM Act is going to pass in this Republican Congress is through public support. So, contact each one of these members of Congress and tell them you want them to vote for the DREAM Act and then tell your family members and friends to do the same. We can do this, but it must be together!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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