USCIS Application Fees Are Going Up

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) notified the public that filing fees for almost all applications are going up soon, by an average of 21%. USCIS hasn’t announced when the fees are going up, but it will probably be in March 2020, but the Trump administration has not yet announced the date that they will go into effect.

They will give the public about a month’s notice before they go up. For most applications, that means that fees will be going up between $100 and $300. It’s a significant hike in fees, and it’s unfair, but there’s nothing applicants can do about it. So anyone out there thinking about applying for naturalization, or for permanent residence, or for their DACA renewal, you should apply in the next 6 weeks to be sure that you’ll qualify for the lowest possible price.

Also, some applicants may qualify for a waiver of the fees for naturalization, so if you come by or call, have your last tax return available so we can tell you if you qualify to pay nothing based on your most recent income on your tax return.

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