Spouses Of Permanent Residents Can Now Apply For Provisional Waivers

USCIS Expands Provisional Waver Program To Include Spouses of Permanent Residents.

USCIS announced recently that as of August 29, 2016 they will be expanding their provisional waiver program. Before today, only spouses of US citizens could apply, but under the new rule, spouses of permanent residents can apply.

Applicants Only Need To Stay In Home Country For One Week

So now, spouses of permanent residents can ask for the wavier here in the United States, and if it is granted, they must return to their home country for a week to pick up their immigrant visa and return to the United States. Before today, the wait for applicants lasted a year because they had to be in their home country while the waiver was being processed.

Provisional Waiver Is Used To Waive Unlawful Presence only. Do You Qualify?

It’s important to know that the provisional waiver is only used to waive unlawful presence. If you are inadmissible for any other reason including fraud, criminal history, and some immigration violations. you will not qualify for the provisional waiver. However, anyone who has an outstanding order of deportation or voluntary departure can qualify for the waiver here, and they don’t have to go back to their country for a year anymore. If they get the pardon, they only have to return to their country for a week.

The Tide Of Immigration Reform Is Swinging Back In Our Favor.

This is a tremendous change for the better and will provide families the opportunity to be together while going through the process. The final rule is actually a little more complicated than what I’m putting in this article, so please call me at 512-912-7771 if you think you will qualify for the new expanded provisional waiver. It finally looks like the tide of immigration reform is swinging back in our favor after so many years, and those of you out there that don’t qualify for anything yet, just be patient and pay your taxes, because I think something good will happen in 2017 for immigration reform.

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